Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Kinda guy you will fall for.
things u want ur partner to give u
a) dog - wana be liked by everyone; wishes to get into his circle of friends
b) cat - his jealously might be very high;
c) horse - he shld be serious, honest, good results, good model, but weak in bgr
d) eagle - more adventurous, serious,
e) lion - more eager, go stroll in park, seaside

test on feelings
You are at an exibition, looking at a painting, which do you look at first?
a)boy/girl's face - stop staring in daze!
b)sun/island - got problems with friends
c)signature - you are going to have a breakout, see a psychology doctor!
d)feather in the boy's hand - you are very tired liao..take a break..

Test for what kindda marriage life you look forward to:
2room-1living room... Has a room with good lighting..How would you make use of this room?
a)put a table for eating - look very forward to marriage, got royal marriage, after marriage still like lovers
b)arrange a set of funiture as living room - serious, have many good frenz, high possibility lightning marriage, many people come over
c)leave it empty as living room - look lesser to marriage
d)bed as bedroom - look cool, self-centered, sensible
e)table and shelf as study room - curious abt anything, will not look forward to marriage yet

To test deep in your heart, do u like being nue dai?
there's a cockroach in front of u, how to destroy it?
a)insecticide - strong..but u are more of the passive side
b)cockroach trap - middle of both..
c)magazine or newspaper - stronger type..angry or unhappy over little things.

TO ALL MEN:Which female frog would you express your love for?
a)the one on lotus leaf - This man will dote his family, wife and childen
b)the one sleeping - stern,will have certain distance with his childen, leave house chores to wife but can be dependent on.
c)the one under the leaf - work & friends are more impt than family.Man-chauvinist.

Test if you are a les/gay?
You are a yellow butterfly flying, which flower would you stop on?
a)red flower - you are more attracted to opposite sex
b)yellow flower - will have attention on same sex, will be more cautious when there is opposite sex ard
c)purple flower - no matter same or different sex, it depends on whether u really like him
d)white flower - no attraction to same sex at all. only look forward to a relationship with the opposite sex.

How importance is $ to u?
You are invited to a "desert country", which desert do u think would to be served first?
a)strawberry cake-not very concerned abt $..duno quite know how to save
b)chocolate cake-concerned, but spends more than saving
c)apple pie-not very concerned, know how to spend the $ very well, people ard u will think u are very rich
d)Thousand-layer cake-will have plans to save up, only make necessary investments. Low-Profile but very Rich

If your life can stop at certain age, which stage of life would you wish it to be?
a) younger than now - dependent on others; wish to jump out from now.. no responsibilities
b) around now - satisfied with now.
c) older than now - very unsatisfied with now, wishes to challenge other stuffs.

Test your conscience
If you are a fireman, on 6th storey, who would you rescue first?
a)2nd floor, young lady having flu; lying there - Nearest to ground floor, only agree to things you agree to; according to rules
b)4th floor, small girl; primary girl - got good sense of conscience, though not taking care of family too well, but family is most impt
c)6th floor, young pregnant lady - can save two lives at once; best sense of conscience.

Test your zhi xiang
If you are the ambassador to nan ji main road, which direction would you prefer to go?
a) right - look forward to future; does what he thinks
b) central - look forward now; can preserve, step by step to solve problems
c) left - look forward to present; does things according to experience

How do you make your first step to make a new friend?
You've make arrangements to go travelling with a friend, before setting off, all of u want to take photo for membrance.
where would u stand?
a)first row,center - hate taking orders from others;
b)first row,right - wil follow orders; motivated when there are difficulties; leadership
c)last row - responsible; might fall into isolation; but have leadership potentials; people tend to follow u
d)first row,left - creative; energertic; become quiet when tired
e)center, left - wishes to follow own footsteps; but u are reliable
f)center, right - hate to be noticed; but can manage all relationships well..PR; need to build up your confidence in work

ROLE PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST: To test what kinda career you will be in.
If you are Xiong Ba from <>, you are going to kill Nie Feng and Bu Jing Yun, how will you kill them?
a) personally - energertic;very impulsive;might lead to doing bad things;better off being government jobs or sports to keep discipline.
b) maake them kill each other - enterprising; good at understanding things; can be a good manager.
c) send someone to kill them - qing bao ren yuan; having a cool mind can help you solve many problems. best at JIE DAO SHA REN!

9:15 AM 8/7/2002
Can you succeed?
you are Jack, Titanic is sinking, you found a piece of wood to hang on, will u..?
a)sit urself - cold, though succeed but lesser frenz
b)let rose sit, bcoz she very fat, will not be afraid of coldness - a good fren, not leader, too considerate, but lugi, an obstacle to succeed.
c)take turns to sit - too emotional, can't succeed
d)both do not sit - can succeed in personal, not career

9:14 AM 8/8/2002
Test your are popularity
BLACK HAWK DOWN captain made wrong decision; cause deaths
A)it's ok; who doesn't make mistakes? - can appreaciate people's good and bad; quite popular; must know how to express your feelings
b)he shldn't; shld receive punishment - in people's eyes, you are scheming, treat people better.
c)take his post off as punishment - Fair person; will measure the situation, someone who is dependent on.
d)usa always think they are very good; so this shld teach them a lesson - you have your own views, always make decisions, do not always make people listen to u, sometimes you shld listen to others.

9:13 AM 8/12/2002
Test how you like to stand in your loved one?
if u met with an accident, which part of your body would you donate to your loved one?
a) heart - think of u all the time, consider you before making all decisions; possesive
b) eyes - u wld like to be able to support your loved one all the time
c) hands/legs - u look forward to a friendship cum love relationship
d) skin - u hope to be the soul of the r/s; regardless of speech, you understand each other well enough.

9:28 AM 8/13/2002
Test the reasons for going outside marriage r/s
you are going thru financial difficulties, if someone offers u 1000million for ONS,
a)accept without considering.. since it's for money - materealistic, will go after wealth
b)accept but will be guilty - u go after romantic ONS, after good looking and good ambience
c)dont quite accept, will hav after effects - not a high chance, very troublesome, unless u fall in love in her
d)will nv be able accept it - not a chance, care how pple sees u, even if it really happens, it's accidential.

9:15 AM 8/14/2002
How's your relationship with friends?
after graduation, first gathering, wat have u become?
a) enterpriser - the main attention cum leader in the group, u show who u like or dislike
b) a going to be bride - very elegant, comfortable, good relatioship among opp sex
c) in the working society - responsible, serious, though group of fren not big, but get to know true frenz, gives out alot for frenz
d) artistic person - creative, good organiser, frenz frm all over, big group of frenz

9:18 AM 8/15/2002
Test what you cant bear to lose most
From young, in hospital, u are a gal who is unconscious, whenever this boy kisses u,
u'll be conscious. After yrs, both of u grew up,
The boy came back and kisses u, indeed u awakened, but u only lived a few days.
How wld u feel?
a)happy: can see this world
- no matter what, you would want to let go your dream
b)happy: the boy tat revive ur life is the boy in your dreams
- love. If someone is good to you, you will be grateful and repay the person
c)sad: feel ke xi tat life is so short
- should be work
d)regret: feel tat u shldn't have woke up, coz u'll lose ur life
- health, you are afriad to die, and try to find think out to improve you health

9:18 AM 8/16/2002
Test what kinda failure defeats you most
People always say "Love is blind"
BUT in reality, what kinda lover you can't stand?
a)fat - cant stand failure caused by stupidness
b)ugly - cant stand failure caused by lack of support given by people, and being stabbed/set-up by others
c)useless - cant stand failure caused by carelessness; feel loss of pride/face
d)poor - cant stand failure caused by lack of capital/money.

9:23 AM 8/19/2002
You love TV SHopping
a) entertaiment/fun - u talk bad behind people's back, afraid of being discovered
b) excercise/dieting - lack of confidence over own's figure, need to be more confident
c) family - more concerned abt family and r/s and whether work is smooth
d) ornacles/gifts - emotional, more concerned abt love matters; open your circle of friends

9:12 AM 8/20/2002
Test what kinda guy do you like?
When young, u often keep your stuffs here and there,
now grow up, u suddenly find something which u kept
a) touched; bring back memories
- prefer more mature guys; so that you can do your things without worrying abt the other half.
b) happy; feel like repeating history
- bubbly and kind; those who have the same interest as you;
c) a little excited but things are too old, see and throw
- attracted to the more popular; because there's more challenge;
d) no feeling; things are too old, think they have no value, throw them away
- attracted to more talented, rich and handsome guys;

9:16 AM 8/21/2002
Test what is troubling u lately
One always looks down when u are out of love, what would you do to jump out of this despair?
a) cut hair/change image
- lack of confidence; not satisfied with the current look.
Look for what u excel in, pick up your confidence!
b) learn somethin new
- Look out for the problem, then solve it properly.. duno anything, learn it!
c) go for another new r/s
- you are someone who cant do without love, u are too dependent on others, be more independent!
d) look for a fren to talk
- nothin much troubling u, you must be more systematic and analyse problems to solve it.

9:21 AM 8/22/2002
Test What is the reason for you to resign your job
Imagine you husband got sick (huan xiang zeng, some imagination illness), and in the end you want to leave him,
1) Becos of his illness - unfairness in you work place. promote other instead of you, although you are as good.
2) Becos of taken alot of medicine, so affect your sex life - bad relationship with your college. Talking behind your back etc.
3) Becos the expensive medical fee, cos your family to be poor - becos of unsatisfied salary
4) Becos you afriad that he will affect your children - becos the job has no future, its going down.

9:13 AM 8/23/2002
Test how do u react when u make a mistake
if u are chen ji si han's buddy made a mistake(betray him), chen ji xi han had to kill him,
if u are him, how wld u die?
a) With no blood, so hang to death
- as hang to death in front of pple need courage so you will face your mistake and take responsible
b) Chop head
- you won't wanna accept your mistake, even when u die, you also wan to choose a way which look proud
c) Commit suicide
- you are too stubborn to admit your mistake, always wish to win
d) let chen ji xi han kill u personally
- even you die also wan to be killed by the one you hate most, so won't accept that you are wrong

9:17 AM 8/26/2002
Test your hope towards love
After eating a western set meal, drinking red wine,
there's still desert to be served.. which of the following is your choice likely?
a) cake or biscuits - you hope your lover to be truthful to you. Both must be truthful to each other.
b) yogurt/milkshake - hope love is a dream; u're willing to put all your stakes on love; if other party doesn't fit your expectations, you might just walk away..
c) pudding or fruit jelly - you look forward to freedom, have individual circle of friends. Can't stand possesive guys
d) ice-cream/sundae - you look forward him to give in to you all the time, you must be No.1 to him. Including money and others.. you take alot but gives little. else relationship will end as result.

9:15 AM 8/27/2002
Test what's your view towards sex parties
when u rch a certain age, but still alone. Where would you choose to stay?
a) stay with a fren of the same sex - curious, interested to try, as long as you have a companion along with you
b) stay with a fren of opposite sex - very interested (hao se), normal parties oredi dun attract you.
c) stay alone - both-sides; very disapprove such parties, but if u go, nobody will find out
d) stay with family - traditional you hates such parties; you are a serious person.

9:16 AM 8/28/2002
Test whether you gets jealous easily
When eating, what type of seasoning attracts u the most?
a) garlic - 40% not jealous easily; if it's meant to be yours, it'll be yours. Sensible type
b) ginger - 50% of jealousy type; But you can NEVER allow your lover to be shared.
c) chilli - 75% Go for your pride; you care more for your pride rather than anything..Better dun provoke you.
d) cong1 - 89% Can't even stand when your lover speaks to an oppsite sex.

9:13 AM 8/29/2002
From BJ Dairy
There are ups and downs in life, what's the obstacle in your life at the moment?
Why do you think BJ Dairy's female leading actress can't find a bf?
a) age - stressed by the society; RELAX!
b) too fat - no confidence, always think you are not doing good enough. Lower your expectations!
c) (zi yuan zi yi) - You too pessimistic, listen more to your relatives and friends ard u!
d) do not socialize - you dun wana offend people; Don't be so good to everyone..see if the person deserve it anot..

9:11 AM 8/30/2002
Test how to approach/go after your love?
a) hi - Go for looks bubbly and cute; outer-active look hides his soft side.
Do not spoil your image in his heart. Careful!
b) whey - Go for Optimistic, angel in love; He will try hard to give u a surprise. Pessimistic people turns him off.
c) ni hao (ma)? - Go for calm, good self-control, independent type. One who will not lose himself in love.
d) body language/ hello - He dun even know how to put his tots to words, very difficult to woo this kinda people. Give up!

9:10 AM 9/2/2002
Test how pessimistic you are.
29yrs old is an awkward age. Imagine you are 29, looking badly, heels broken, kena scolded by boss, worst thing is your bf unfaithful to you, conclusion, it's the worst birthday you've ever had! How would you feel?
a) very sad & hide at home to cry - super pessimistic: people think you are easily bullied, people tend to push all the blame to u
b) talk to a good fren - optimistic: though you will grumble abit, but will think abt how to avoid making the same mistake again
c) go to pub look for new target - abit pessimistic: will push the blame to others because of pride and face
d) vent your fustrations on food - not pessimistic at all: Very optimistic: do not become one who doesn't admits mistakes

9:17 AM 9/3/2002
test your attitude in love.
In the show <>, all of them are very good in their wu gong. Who will you like to be the most?
a) Gentle-Nie Feng - always treat everyone very good, "lan hao ren"; being your other half is very xin ku
b) Cool-Bu Jing Yun - only has eyes for your other half; unless you fall in love with him, else difficult to woo u
c) Evil-Xiong Ba - u always gives very little to love; he have to give alot and spend alot of effort to woo u
d) Cunning-Duan Lang - always take love for fun, look at benefits and priviledges before love

9:08 AM 9/4/2002
Test if you are good boss(top management staff)?
Imagine you are the emperor, praising one of your subodinates, but later realised he is not a good one
a) too embarrasing:act blur - u are a Mr Good Guy: do not let people think u are someone who drag things
b) dun care:scold him - when u are happy, u share with subordinates, but when unhappy, u scold people, people tend to keep distance
c) forget it:find a chance next time - too serious, people tend to think u are difficult to get close to.
Don't forget your subordinates are the ones who help u
d) think of other ways to make him show his own colors - your subordinates will think you are a good boss, but no matter how good you are, you still have a limit. still will follow according to rules.

9:10 AM 9/5/2002
Test if you are always suspicious of this and that...
YONG ZHENG HUANG CHAO gave us a good impression of Yong Zheng. How do you see this show?
a) it's a good one, can change all our impression of him
- u trusts people too much
b) it might not be real, but he might have his good points..
- shan liang:you believes in people easily, but will only be alerted when u get deceived, but later forget
c) It neglects his bad points, too much of his good points!
- you have your own views
d) it's very bad.. so exaggerating..
- xian ru wei zhu: should not have such views..

9:08 AM 9/6/2002
Test how you handle pestering people.
IF your life is like TRUMAN SHOW, once you realise, what would you do?
a) run away from this place
- Strong - Depends type of people you meet, stronger to those who are strong; have to make some plans.
b) threaten all the others
- Tend to beat your opponent(da ji ta)
c) anyhow act, so that people start to lose interest in your 'show'
- Drag.. Act Blur.. USually if you are patient enough, result is you win!
d) ask for compensation (the $ ever since you started 'acting')
- you talk conditions with him, ending up advantage is with you!

9:02 AM 9/9/2002
Test if you are very fussy (gui mao)
People normally dislike 'hairs' (which is the one you think is most troublesome)?
a) moustache / eyebrow - always do things halfway; if you meet obstacles, you tend to give up.
b) leg/hand-hair - fussy-queen; always want things perfect, 100% perfect?!
c) armpit hair - lazy-queen; with small intelligence, on the surface, you have the might, but actually you are trying to crack your brains to find an easier way.
d) hair - you always think alot, but do little.

9:25 AM 9/10/2002
Test whether you lie, and what kinda lies you say.
Which kinda credit card will u prefer?
cartoon characters - creative lies, all sorts of coincidential things happen, nobody will believe his lies.
political people - use very 'big' words to lie, always make use of people of higher ranks (e.g. grandma..)
charity cards - make use of small intelligence, always take advantage of people's emotional weakness. happy to see other people get hooked.
branded names - blur..if this kinda people lie for pride. FACE is everything to them..no matter people believe or not, thie people tend to slowly believe in it as time goes by..

9:23 AM 9/11/2002
Test whether you are too 'zi lian'
Which of this of being single and alone troubles you the most?
a) Unable to give birth and spread you family line - very concerned about how people look at you; feel very proud if people praises you. Very afraid of your bad points being noticed, Scared & Enjoy
b) Have to eat and watch movies alone - You are very self-confident, being the prince/princess in other people's eyes.
People think you love to show off your good, if you realise one day, nobody notice you anymore, you will feel like an actor who cant act for people to see.
c) Being nagged by your family about marriage - You are afraid that people notice you, once you realise someone if looking at you, you feel embarassed. Should have more confidence!
d) Unable to have both love and sex desires - You have a strong sense of protecting yourself. On the surface you don't seem to like attention, but actually beneath, you desire for all the attention!

9:09 AM 9/12/2002
Test what you are not good in love
During resttime, what drinks would you usually prefer?
a) coffee - Emotion Extremes, when you're in love, you lose direction, you only have eyes for your lover. Easy to fall deeply into love. Can't stand you!
b) red/green tea...tea..etc - Very sweet of you. Don't dare to express your love, passive, always end up to see your loved one walk into another's arms. but once you are in love, the other half is very fortunate.
c) coke..such gassy drinks etc.. - Only fall into love for the sake of falling in love. do not treasure easy love.
d) fruit teas/ginseng/..etc - Very sensible. Uneasy to fall in love. Perfectionist, Love at first sight is impossible for such people. Will observe his behaviour and start to grade him. This type of people will marry late.

9:10 AM 9/13/2002
Test how would u/your bf initiate a break-up?
During winter, you tend to drink hot soups
a) shao jiu ji (chicken) - short and fast: part when feeling is gone. direct!
b) 10 quan da bu tang - very lady, but she will still get to point.
c) yang rou lu (mutton) - will drag abit, choose to avoid.. drop hints to initiate a breakup.
d) yao dun pai gu (medicine) - once realise there's problems, they will sense it, but they will slowly try to drift apart.. e.g. if he sends u home everyday, he starts not to do tat.. then try to ask u widen the circle of friends.

qn: Tom, Dick, Jackson, which of them is you cant call them?
ans: Michael(mai-call) Jackson

9:09 AM 9/16/2002
Test how romantic you are.
Having dinner with your loved one, but he clumsily dripped onto his shirt.
He asked you for help him with his stain.
a) disappointed; he's so clumsy like a kindergarten/old one
- Too fussy...Your expectations are too high! not many people can meet up to your expectations.
b) feel very happy; can get closer to the person you like
- You often have misunderstandings in love, but your level of romantic is very traditional, like candlelight dinner, roses..
c) very disappointed, he is taking advantage of such a situation, think he is so bad
- Romantic level of 40%, it only happens once in awhile, but at times, you feel tat romantic is quire inpractical, waste of time. rather do things that are more practical.
d) nvm.. it's just his carelessness. It's alright.
- It's unfair to say you are unromantic. but you belong to the 'slow' type. If someone is trying to show more care or concern to you, you only treat him as a buddy to you. but once you come to realise it.. you will fall in deeply.

Test whether you are a 'lady-killer'/'young-guy-killer'
With the modern transport now, which is your favourite?
a) mrt - a 'newbie', duno about the opp. party.
b) train - quite understand, but it's now his/her intention to become one. BUT once they do their part, they'll attract the opp. sex. the older/mature, the more attractive.
c) bus - they can accurately manage the opp. sex, can understand the opp sex easily. BORN-KILLER!
d) car/motorcycle/bicycle - Sub-Consciously they wish to become one. High chance of making mistake. will learn from their mistakes. Still there's a chance of becoming one..

9:08 AM 9/18/2002
For MEN: Test what type of men you are?
For MEN: Which type of tie do men prefers?

For WOMEN: what type of men you like?
For WOMEN: What type of ties do women like to give men?

a) poker-dots - Freebird; Will not wish to be tied down
b) pictures/flowery/plain colors - This kinda men are women's good friend, but also because of this, they got too good relations with other women too. your r/s is easy to have thrid/forth..parties
c) stripes - Seems quite safe, but once he falls for another woman, it's unavoidable.
d) cartoon - This kinda men are too flirts. but to every woman, he is still true to them. No sense of security.

9:10 AM 9/19/2002
Test how pessimistic
Seeing people's marriage unsuccessful (meg ryan...tom cruise)
a) see new like new - too pessimistic; perhaps you have been deceived by one b4..
b) they have too good qualifications, so they wun treasure their marriage - u wun think too much or far, this kinda life is happy, quite optimistic
c) it's nothing; people will part when together for too long - 100% optimistic; people see night as dark night, you think otherwise, after dark night there will be day.
d) they have problems initially, but drag for a long time, so still end up breaking up. - Cool, Calm, Sensibility beats emotionality, pessimistic level makes you able to predict things. Should look more optimisitc, do not think you can predict the future.

9:10 AM 9/20/2002
Test whether you are a 'miss-kanjiong'
where would you put your amplut?
a) as a necklace - easy to get tensed up, a little problem makes you anxious. Exercise more often.
b) in the wallet - you are miss kanijong in others' eyes. You speeak fast usually, once you meet a problem, you get so tensed up. but the tense comes and goes fast too. should take a slower pace.
c) in the bag - you are somewhere there in the middle. you dun like to think too much. always wait till the problems arsies then think of a solution.
d) on your handphone - you are half-pace slower than others to react. as long as your family or friends seek you for help, although you might not know what's happening but you still get influenced by their tense.

9:08 AM 9/23/2002
Test whether you are the faithful type in relationships? (chi1 qing2)
The water in the teacup spills out, which paper wld you use to wipe it off?
a) toilet paper - you are not the faithful type, 45% only..
b) wet tissue - the very pessimistic type.. when you're in a relationship, you think of love forever, but when it ends, you cry,you yell suicide. 85%!
c) tissue-paper - very madly in love type, even you yourself think you are. You try very hard to be a good lover, you do all sorts of actions to show your love. but after breakup, you will fall in love in another, but also falls very deeply everytime. 65%!
d) dry towel - very practical type. Love is only part of life, of cos breakup is sad, but you think life still have to go on. Those 'action behaviour' to you.. is too stupid. 30% only...

9:06 AM 9/24/2002
Test why is that you have no lover?
If you have a chance to attend a Halloween Party? What image would you act as?
a) female ghost (xiao qian or sadako) - you look good in appearance, your character will show after knowing you for some time.. your character is kindda 'rich-lady' character
b) blood sucker - no control when spending money, bubbly, easy to get close to. People tend to think your bubbly character sure already have bf
c) witch/wizard - mysterious type, cool! what you show is always the opposite as what you think. Don't act so much!
d) your own creative designs - you have high expectations, can't stand 'stupidity', he must be very clever. people think you are a difficult catch. Lower your expectations bah!

9:09 AM 9/25/2002
Test if you will be scared of your wife/husband in future?
If you are going to a gathering, which kinda food in the party interests u the most?
a) barberque party - if your wife is a weak one, then you will take advantage of the situation. Impossible to be scared one.
b) pizza party - Dislike to be ordered. but will give in if the other party sweet talks to him..(yi3 rou2 zhi4 gang1)
c) fruit/cake party - Love peace and fairness in love. Normally, he is too good, hence easy to get bullied. Easy to fall into this category!
d) cocktail party - easy to be mersmerised, the blur blur type that doesn't even know he is scared of his wife.

9:10 AM 9/26/2002
Test whether you are the type who can be contented with present.
Usually accessories can light up your appearance, which of the below wld you choose to wear?
a) ring - This kinda people is very concerned about how the people around sees her. She is actually someone who is contented easily, but she will live with other people's expeactations. Life is too difficult!
b) necklance/ ankle-braclet - This kinda people will balance their life with their own footsteps, will not follow others' expectations.
c) ear ring - Always ask for more type. People around thinks you are a very fortunate one, but you will not be contented after all. You want the attention from people.
d) braclet - The most difficult to be contented type. Most concerned about fame and status. This kinda people needs to know their own limits.

9:11 AM 9/30/2002
Test whether you look forward to motherly/fatherly love?
After eating, what is left in your plate?
a) as clean as it's just washed - 20% you are quite fussy at times, you are quite independent (mature in thinking), but this kinda people is too sensible, your other half is quite xin ku
b) overall is quite clean but with the bones placed neatly - 40% Normal range, you also look forward to love sometimes, but you are too sensible
c) all eaten but bones are not placed neatly - 70-75% they know themselves, they tend to get involved in $ disputes in love.
d) leftover a lot of food, very messy. - 85% you look forward to being love. regardless in love r/s, you tend to look more forward to motherly or fatherly love in love r/s.

9:12 AM 10/3/2002
Test whether you are "female-chauvinist"
You/your lover, which of the following would you choose for beauty care/facial?
a) spa - this type of woman is not a small woman. Rather let the men make all the decisions.
b) medical bath - is a female-chauvinist in front of other people, but once she falls in love, she changes for her man. her chauvinist goes away
c) sauna - is a female-chauvinist deep from her bones. She will get what she wants. do not try to object her, no need her to change for you.
d) warm spring (wen quan) - is also a female-chauvinist, but she dun shows out directly, she uses techniques or her ways to make man listen to her without realising.

9:12 AM 10/4/2002
Test if you are a seductive one
Food stains on your lover's body, which part of the body would you wish it stains on?
a) chest - A daring one!
b) hand/arm - Likes to sa jiao, seems to cant understand abt such things, but just got the attraction to men, when he gets seduced, you tries to act blur.
c) mouth - uses eyes to seduce people, people gets attracted till very jialad
d) leg - electricity leaker! intentionally or unintentionally you tend to seduce his heart through words and actions. Let the one who likes you do not dare to take a step.

9:09 AM 10/8/2002
Are you the Love at First Sight type?
What type of bags do you like most?
a) two straps haversack bag - not the Love at first sight type; little actions or behaviour can catch your attention but not enough to make you fall in love with him yet.
b) big sized single-strap sling bag - you belong to this category, but chance is slim for you because
c) normal smaller sized sling bag - a not practical thought, you still need to understand one, spend some time together first
d) small sized pouch or bag - you look forward to love at first sight, you believe there's another half for you in this world.

9:09 AM 10/9/2002
Test for your bad character
Which of the following items will cause you be more concerned/worried if you lose it overseas?
a) passport - Everyone has dreams, but you always get worried for something, which causes you not to be able to realise your dreams.
b) wallet & credit card - You always neglect your dreams to struggling to live. Only be able to dream at night.
c) air ticket - You love to dream, enjoy being able to go for your dream. Even if you fail one, in short time, you can find another easily.
d) luggage - You do not have dreams, you can't put down your lover, you are afraid of realising your dream, because you are worried that your dream might not be as good as present.

9:10 AM 10/11/2002
Test to let you understand your lover more; also let him/her take the test!
There are many pin numbers you have to remember, which of the following would you normally use as your pin?
(SHhhh..Remember to keep the answer to yourself, else people will guess your pin number! =p)
a) telephone number/birthday - This type of lover is easy to catch, can understand easily after being together for some time.
b) I/C number - This type of lover is very conscious of everything, need to have total trust from you!
c) change the pin very often according to mood - This type of lover changes very easily, it's very difficult to make him/her happy. Even he himself dunno how he changes. As long as you stay unchanged, it's alright.
d) create difficult and creative pins - This type of lover is complicated. He always wana let people cant guess their tots. You dun let him know what you are thinking then you can 'handle' him.

8:54 AM 10/14/2002
Test whether you are helpful enough. (cheng2 ren2 zhi1 mei3)
When you get a sum of unexpected money (e.g. lottery, prize from a contest..), what kinda computer accessories would you like to buy most?
a) cd-burner - Your personality likes to share with others, but your generosity has a limit, if you see others better than you, jealousy obviously is filled in you.
b) LCD monitor - you dun quite think about comparison with others, within your strength, you help all you can
c) PDA - it depends, but towards your family, friends, loved ones.. you treat them very good. but other than them, you do not care a damn for them.
d) Digital Camera - you are, in others' eyes.. but behind all this helpfulness, you are not really willing to do that. Seeing other people reach their aims, you tend to feel demoralized.

9:06 AM 10/15/2002
Test whether you have tendency towards old-young-love
What kind of vase do you arrange flowers from your lover in?
a) wide bottom, narrow mouth - You have not met such situations, but once you meet, maybe because of pity and kindness, you feel so in love, but you are very bothered with what other people's say, can say there's slim chance that this happens to you.
b) narrow bottom, wide mouth - you look forward to freedom, the more people do not agree with you, the more you go on. on other hand, if no one care about it, you lost the energy to go after your love.
c) same - you are the passive type, if you fall for a older, you do not dare to express your feelings, therefore you will lose it.
d) special shape - Age and looks are not a problem to you. Love is a matter between you two, do not need to be bothered about how other people think.

9:00 AM 10/16/2002
What do you based on to make decisions?
There are some softwares which you must learn how to use, which of the below do you think is the most important?
a)Words document wise - you think decision-making is based on experience, but if you dun have, you turn to take a gamble. allow the gods to help you make the decision
b)Excel management wise - you need to do alot of research before making a decision. you need a lot of information.
c)Icq chat wise - the decision usually is not made by u, you always turn to others for opinions, hence you take more time to make a decision, but becoz of opinions from others, your decision is usually agreed upon.
d)Design & Photography wise - you relies on your intuition (6th sense) you follow how you feel and think to make a decision. but you have good luck to always make the correct decision.

9:04 AM 10/17/2002
Test whether you are ambitious
What type of dolls do you like most?
a) cloth (dolls) - you lack of ambitiosity, you always scared of losing, you are not a threat to people, hence to succeed, it's slim chance
b) plastic (e.g barbie) - super high! people cant ignore your presence, but you follow the 'trend', going after fame and status, you dun even know what you want yourself. dun live for others, live your own life!
c) huggy (e.g. teddy bear) - you will fight for it because you want a breath of success. do not fight for it because of jealousy.
d) wood - not very ambitious, will not be bothered about other people. you care for the process of doing something rather than results.

9:03 AM 10/18/2002
Test whether you are 'scheming'
During Chinese New Year, which of the following is the most meaningful activity to you?
a) putting up chun lian - you like to attain victory wuth your skills, instead of scheming. Always get stabbed in the back. 15% scheming
b) visiting people to send your greetings - not high enough, your thinking is always unpractical, your schemes will get exposed easily. 35%
c) asking for ang bao/playing mahjong - it's difficult to say if you are scheming, coz you have that mind, but usually you have many plans but you do not have the determination to carry out them. 50%
d) renuion dinner - 87%! you think the relations between people need coordination. you feel that using schemes can be a way to solve problems, but usually you face people with a smiling face, so no one will know you are planning against them.

9:08 AM 10/21/2002
Test how your bf will annoy you the most?
You need to buy some new furniture when you move house. Which of the following is a 'must' for you?
a) Washing Machine - you are most concerned for 'face'. You need your lover to give you face. once he dun, you blacklist him, and you make sure you will get it back at him.
b) Television/Video Recorder - you need fairness. you do not want to be the only one giving in, both will end up being unhappy if you think he's not being fair to you.
c) Hi-Fi Stero/Computer - you are scared of bordem. you need your bf to entertain you all the time.
d) Refrigerator - you cant stand people lying to you. you will end up breakup once he lies to you.

9:11 AM 10/22/2002
Test your desire to have power
Which of the following do you prefer to hang out with?
a) opposite sex - Gets jealous easily; This type of people will not allow themself to lose out.
b) same sex - Goes for Peace. Not bothered about power, usually the follower. Some people will make use of others' desire for power to take advantage of them.
c) younger - This type of people thinks if they do not succeed, they blame it to other excuses. They wana be no.1 all the time.
d) elder - this type of people is like a morning glory, tends to lean/depend on people. Do not need to work for the power, only wana share the power with those who are stronger than yourself. once the main lead is not around, you tend to take advantage of the situation.

9:09 AM 10/23/2002
** Test for your character. Do you know yourself well?
There are some habits in your life that one has. There are some that you cant stand, but which of the below is the most unbearable to you?
a) shake leg - You have high expectations in work (career). You do not wana be noticed by other people. You will act humble when people praises you. "gkin"
b) fart in public - You are very considerate for other people.
c) dig nose in public - You have some problems in love. You do not dare to express to him. You always stand behind to see him in your eyes silently. Even he appears in front of you, you act cool.
d) vulgar language - You can play all you want outdoors, but once you reach home, you have communication gap with your family. Whenever you face your family, you always afraid of disputes or quarrel might arise. You have to communicate more with them.

9:11 AM 10/24/2002
See how you can woo your love.
Through these colors, which of this color is the first impression he gives you?
a) red - this person is quite independent. he goes for love, the more daring you are, the easier to 'get' him!
b) purple - they are handsome/pretty people. you should be very confident of yourself to attract them, always keep your 'image'!
c) yellow - this kinda people are too quick-witted, so there is a sense of freshness. depends you like it or not, it might be quite tiring for you if you dun like it. Can use all kinda creative ideas to impress them.
d) brown - they are gentle people. you must have patience and be very caring to them. whenever somethin happens, show that you support him all the time.
e) green - they go around alone. they fall in love with people who dare to try new things. you gotta give them all the freedom they want.
f) white - this kinda of people is difficult to handle. you better re-consider whether you are up to it to take up this challenge.
g) black - this kinda of people is not as cool as black, instead, they desire to be loved. you can be as warming as possible to attract their attention.
h) blue - this kinda people cant relax on their own. you should use your humourous side to humour him, and also show that you can be serious in your work at the same time to impress and attract them.

9:01 AM 10/25/2002
Test interested in 'games'?
High-Tea is a hobby of people from town/city. Drinking tea/coffee with some cakes/food will life up your life.
which of the below is usually your first plate?
a) full - you have high desires, from your appearance, it's difficult to see. it's like food to you. you are willing to try all new styles. 15% of 'cold'
b) 70% - you wun be too much or too little. very swweet of you. you will make your partner happy. your performance is above average. unless the environment/partner causes you to turn cold...30%
c) 50% full - not strong. you too concerned about health and cleanliness. do open up your mind. perhaps change a location. 55%
d) little - you do not open up easily. if you meet a 'not so gentle' partner.. you do not open up easily. 70%

9:10 AM 10/28/2002
Test your chance to have unwed baby
Other than your pay & rank, what's your requirement for finding a job?
a) travelling wih company - no matter male or female, you belong to the high chance category! 65%! Naive about love, always get lost in love..
b) bonus - 85%! you belong to the category of believing to fate.. will follow your fate of life. you do not wish to kill a small life.
c) provide overseas studies - 40%, you go according to your plans in life. you do not like to have unexpected happenings. you will take alot of precautions.
d) flexible working hours - 25%, you love freedom, having unwed babies is end of your freedom life. whatever ONS or fun you enjoy, you still will take precautions. EVEN if accidents struck you, you will choose to have abortion or other ways to avoid this loss of freedom.

9:10 AM 10/29/2002
Test how contented you are with life.
Which of the animals do you wish to become in your next life?
a) monkey - socialize, always think time is not enough. sweet mouth, good relations. Satisfied with life, 90%.
b) fish - you have talents, hence you are not satisfied with life. you think there will be someone who will appreciate you.
c) bird - you always want to avoid from reality, you like to hide away. 25%
d) lion - you have high expectations. u see people around you acheiving better than you, you motivate yourself to work harder. 65%

9:11 AM 10/30/2002
To test your desire for power
Which is your favourite type of meat?
a) beef - very strong, looks like you are very friendly, but actually you are working very hard to show your boss your strongness 90%
b) chicken - IQ high, but lacks in EQ, talented, quite a 'gossiper', easily being made use by those ambitious 30%
c) mutton - they lose out, bcoz they have not enough willpower 50%
d) pork - think too highly of themselves, look forward to life with money and status 70% but people do not hand in to u
e) duck - you always end up messing up the whole thing, u belong to the category that "dare to eat, dun dare to admit" 65%

9:29 AM 10/31/2002
** Test how long you take to recover from a lost love
Among a group of people, what kinda eyes will attract your attention?
a) single-lid eyes - dun wish to admit but you only take a few days recover.
b) big watery eyes - Sensational, as long as he expresses love for you, you will fall for him. hence you dun have much time to recover, you're already in another r/s!
c) single-lid with deep emotions - Love is most impt to you, you need a few times of time more than others to recover from a lost love. the end of your relationship is like end of life to you.
d) smile till eyes become a line - You are very dependent on your loved one, in your mind, you will think there is a chance to patch back with him. You cant do without love.

9:01 AM 11/1/2002
Test which of your fren is the really faithful one
Look at your fren's shoes
a) the sole of the shoes are abit torn/holes - wilful, always on their own. if you hope them to go out all for u, it's more difficult than flying in the sky!
b) not clean on surface - they will forget frenz when they have bf/gf... but when they are single, they are a good fren
c) very clean on surface - not many frenz, not sociable, but once become frenz, they can become a lifelong fren. if u ask for their help, they will not hesitate to help
d) got torn surface - very helpful! though they dun speak on the surface, as long as frenz ask for help, they will give a helping hand. sometimes being too helpful, even mess things up.

9:09 AM 11/5/2002
Test how high chance of office-relationship for you
A very attractive catch is walking towards you, what would your reaction be?
a) take a step backwards, let him go first - your gentle attitude already leaves him a good impression. if there is no one around him, you stand a high chance oh! 90%
b) continue to walk on, to take the chance to talk - 70%
c) stay put depending on his reaction -
d) make funny actions to attract his attention - usually u are more like a buddy to him, so chance is only 50%..

9:09 AM 02/11/06
Test whether you are the long-relationship lover
Imagine you are living in a 4-season country, weather is turning cold, wat gift would you choose for your other half, to keep him 'warm' and think of ui all the time?
a) scarf - u are one who follows fate, u believe if fate ties both of u together, u look forward to 'love forever'. u need to beware of who is looking at your other half.
b) sweater - once u love someone, u wun change your mind about him. there's a place in your heart forever. even when both of u break up, you will use double the love to get him back. he will sure be touched!
c) glove - u have a certain distance, but u still have a 'invisible' key on your hands. u win in intelligence. when it's time, he will come back home.
d) hat - both of u are in the world of your own when in love. but once u lose that feel, u give it all up. people have to go after u all the time.

9:11 AM 02/11/07
Test whether you are suited for marriage
You finally have the courage to go for a tattoo, which of the following will you choose to have?
a) animal - you are very innocent, marriage is because it has been awhile since you've been together. you nv consider about the responsibility you have to take.
b) name - marriage is forever to you. you will not change your heart once you choose your other half. you are mentally more mature than others. you will make every little effort to manage your marriage. people will be envious of u. u are suited for marriage.
c) a punctuation - you are not too sure about marriage yourself. people who fall for u is also not sure how long your marriage lasts.
d) god - your other half better listen to u most of the time. your marriage might end because of your attitude. you want to control him all the time. change your attitude!

9:05 AM 02/11/08
Test whether you will be the third party in a relationship?
What color of flower do you wish to receive?
a) pink - Romantic people; you are dreaming everyday, when you are not in love, you turn to falling for idols. you can end up becoming 3rd/4th/nth party
b) yellow - you go for open relationship, you will NEVER become the 3rd party
c) purple - you are the dangerous one too.. but u tend to become one consciously. u think love is not "1st come 1st serve" thing
d) blue - you are a practical one. being a 3rd party is not worth it at all.. need to do everything in dark.. u will not allow yourself to become the 3rd party. if u realise your bf having a 3rd party, you will manage this relationship calmly to decide whether to carry on.

9:09 AM 02/11/11
how is your boss hands' action
a) hands touching hair/ear - a little thing can give him bad impression of you, u need to let him feel like a family member.
b) crossed - he doesn't accept sweet-talk, you need to show him your strong points
c) put under chin - easy-going type; he is only concerned over impt stuffs, you need to show him you are good
d) playin with pen/sometin - he has his very own views, you need to give him face to have good days ahead of you.

9:11 AM 02/11/12
Test whether you are a cheat in love?
What kinda sushi do you like?
a) abalone - potential cheaters in love; having innocent look, but love goes as fast as it comes. they dun even bother to say breakup when feel goes..
b) hua zhi (sotong) - they love certain things in you, maybe in bed, or somethin else..once they think you are not tat good anymore, they want breakup
c) fish egg - they only concerned for 'face'; do not make them lose face, they will keep numb abt it, to keep their face even they wana break up.
d) prawn - they fight for their carreer, love is only a dessert to them in life. it's best if their lover can be of help to their carreer.

9:10 AM 11/13/2002
Are you a possesive wan?
wat flower would you choose to give someone you are secretly in love with?
a) red qiang wei (shy) - you look gentle on your appearance, but it's a warm burning heart beneath this appearance. you are too concerned abt him tat u wana stick together all the time. you are an invisible 'super-glue'
b) perfumed white tulip (sweet) - you enjoy individual life (privacy); you hope to find some place where both of u can stay together. if he is the same as you, it will be super pair!
c) small sunflower (loving) - you will use gentleness to treat him. you are a good lover, you think for him alot..
d) white ji geng (unchanged love) - you hope tat he can live according to your plans, once he goes out of it.. u get mad easily. you even hope to be part of him.

9:08 AM 11/14/2002
Are you a dangerous lover?
When u are part of a circus performance, which of the below would you most like to be?
a) flying in the sky - you love to be the center of attention, u are quite self-centered. you do not belong to anyone. love is only part of your life.
b) animal trainer - the more difficult to catch hold of him, the more u enjoy. but as time goes, you lose interest and you walk away
c) clown - no one can be as self-sacrificing as u in love..
d) walking on the wire - you ask for the same return as much as you give in love. but as time passes, this relationship gets too 'difficult'

9:08 AM 11/15/2002
Test who is the most gossip
what kinda pains is most unbearable to u?
a) stomachache - straightforward; cant keep secrets; before the person can finish talking, you already thinking of who to tell next
b) toothache - not gossip; u are seriously mad when u hear or see people is gossiping.. u dun like to listen to such things..u cant stand it
c) headache - u wun initiate to talk to people, but u cant help to listen when people start talking, you will compare different points taken from all the people.. then u gather all to make up another new gossip
d) external injuries - you wun put old news on mind, you will listen and go on listening to the newer ones. but you soon forget abt it the next day.

9:10 AM 11/18/2002
Test whether he is your desired hubby?
What is the 1st thing he does in the morning everyday?
a) toilet - being single, your desired hubby shld be like a good daddy/mummy. love is a necessity to you, it must be good
b) eat breakfast - as long as he can make u fall deeply in love, you do not care abt how other poeple thinks
c) brush teeth/wash face - usually they are good-looking people that will attract you
d) drink a cup of water - you wish he can be a fren to u.. there is never ending conversations.

9:11 AM 11/19/2002
What will cause you to have extra-marital affairs?
Holidays are here! You would like to change your image, including your hairstyle & color.
Which color will you choose?
a) golden - you are not the type to live a common life. You will go all for enjoyment.
b) red - You only do tat for the sake of freedom. you do not think tat a marriage certificate should tie you down.
c) blue - you find it fresh to get involved in such affairs.. you will turn to this when you get tired of your present life.
d) green - your other half cant give you your desired love anymore, you tend to look for new love.

9:11 AM 11/20/2002
Are you the type of woman who can manage a home?
If you are a model posing for the artist, what will make you smile?
a) Sweet Memories of childhood - You are a housewife, you think all the chores are your job. but do not tire yourself out, do share your load with your family.
b) Looking forward to the plans to play - You do not get bothered by all these chores, you only conerned abt enjoyment. Optimistic type!
c) Think of your lover - You do not wana be the center of attention of the family, but you want fairness totally. You wish to share everything with your husband.
d) Not thinking of anything, juz posing for the artist - Your way of managing finance is too good, causes your family to depend on you, and make them look stupid instead, bcoz you are too strong. sometimes do act blur abit to improve your relations.

9:09 AM 11/21/2002
Are you the crane or juz a chick?
In your dreams, you are making up, what do you see yourself doing?
a) Lipstick - you often lose confidence to express yourself, you actually wanted say out your views, but when others ask u, u will say anything
b) Eyeshadow - easily get heart-soften; hence you tend to protect yourself and appear as cool.. sometimes people will dislike it
c) Eyebrow - you want people to know of your presence, u nv like to admit defeat.
d) Blusher - u always hide yourself; hope to make people happy, sometimes others will think u are very fake; but u juz hope to treat pple better, pple will treat u better
e) Perfume - u are more on the active side in a group; but sometimes u do juz wat u do.. nv think twice abt wat u do

9:11 AM 11/22/2002
Test how is your luck?
You meet someone who is quite nice to you, but your collegues always tell you he is not a good one, do not fall into it.
What do you think is the reason to cause them to talk bad abt him?
a) he has an hidden illness - you draw very clear lines between good and bad. frenz are afraid of u when together.
b) he is too flirt - you look innocent, people sees you as easily deceived by others. you should treasure all these people, they might be able to help you in carreer and in your life.
c) he has a bad relation among friends - you can find your other half very easily, you are very flexible..hence you have alot of frenz..the lucky charm might juz fall on you! =)
d) he has a bad character - maybe you are quite independent on the outside, and you oso wun ask for help frm others. hence u dun depend on others, therefore, you dun need to depend on luck.

9:13 AM 11/25/2002
Test what is the no. 1 in your heart?
Of the 4 vehicles below, which of them do u wish to be in on your way to work?
a) motor cycle - you have a attitude tat cant lose out to people. you have very strong willpower to fight till the end.
b) ferarri, posh cars - you hav a good life, you need not worry abt life since born. your family has prepared you a very good path in front of you. but some of these people tend to laze ard
c) taxi - you have strong will to learn new things, and your results of hard work will not disappoint you. concentrate on somethin and you see your returns
d) sha1 shi3 che1 (construction work site vehicles) - you are not as strong as other people, but you can use your mouth to out-talk others. even though you are really an empty vessel, you can win people by talking big.

9:10 AM 11/26/2002
Test whether you speak and 'sour' people
In medical science, many people tend to go for surgery. which of the below do you think is most obvious?
a) eyelid - normal only lah..u wun bite their tails til the end... u only wana scare them, the more people wana hide from u, the more u wana find out to the end
b) chest - you are damn sharp man. your conscience makes u wana be as direct as u can.
c) eyebag - u only like to find out more gossip, u will listen to all's views and make your own judgement. u are quite extinct in this modern world.
d) nose - u are a good soul afterall.. u are even afraid of finding out too much of others. u act blur and act tat you do not know anything.. u dun like to find out other people's affairs.

9:10 AM 11/27/2002
Test whether you are a selfish one in love
At this age, if only in area of arts..what will you wana be?
a) artist - self-centered; u live for yourself, your lover better not try to change you. u come and go as u like.. 90% selfishness!
b) photographer - you want fairness in love, u like to give surprises to your lover 15%..
c) crafter - u are a serious wan, you do not wana be controlled in love, your lover need to be able to go along with you. 75%
d) author - in the battlefield of love, you are not concerned abt money, u are more concerned abt love. you like to make your lover accept your giving.. no matter he likes it or not, so isnt this oso a kinda selfish act? 40%!

9:10 AM 11/28/02
Do you cheat behind your lover?
Reports show that the food you like to eat actually harms your body/health, what will be your response?
a) control yourself, do not eat it again - you have good control, u are happy and satisfied with the present, u do not wana spend your time on another r/s
b) control abit, eat it once in a blue moon - u do not put yourself at disadvantage, you can manage your relationships very well, so be more kind. else there is a cycle, u treat people badly, oneday u might get the same 'treatment'
c) who cares, life is short, still eat - maybe it might cause harm to others, but u keep going outwards towards other relationships
d) suspicious for the time being, find more information about it first - maybe u are abit interested, but u will think alot abt it.. once u think there is abit 'danger', u step back immediately and give it up.

9:10 AM 11/29/02
Can you differentiate like and love?
Walking on the streets, you are asked to fill up a survey form. but u do not know where does your particulars go to, thus normally u do not fill in real information. Which of the below will you fake?
a) name - you need time to fall for another, u think u need to take a responsibility. normally u will start off saying u like him, not love. so that it's easier to take back.
b) telephone number - u are very sure that u like him, but u need to think alot before accepting him, once u are sure that he is the one, u will not move to another. u need to think whether u are suited for each other then u will love him all your heart.
c) age - once u think u like someone, u think its' love. u wana give him everything. being your lover is very fortunate, he has a strong sense of security coz he knows u will not leave him. people around you also can easily find out whether you are in love, because all is written on your face.
d) marriage status - u do not know like and love, u say wat he wans to hear, not really from your heart. ur old lover is in the past, u fall in love very quickly and easily.

9:11 AM 12/03/02
Test how you spend $
There is a tendency towards the popular japanese flow, which of the below do you think interests u?
a) touching drama serial - You follow your intuition and feeling to buy. You are impulsive, you are easily influenced by others, the sales can make you buy things you nv intend to buy
b) japanese dressing - you have your own stand, you go for good and things of a certain price. you think that cheap things are not as good.
c) interesting programmes - you rather go for D.I.Y, u do not go for the appearance or looks, u go for things that are more worth the money. creative type
d) cute japanese ornaments/things - u like new and fresh stuffs. u are attracted to advertisments and creative ideas. u buy things that are the most popular in the market now.

9:12 AM 12/04/02
Are you someone who cant grow up?
If the fantasy world can come real, which do you want?
a) alien come to earth - you always stare in daze, u like to imagine alot, like to bring imagination into life.
b) dinosaur come alive - u stil have a great sense of childish, u are not actually, u juz wana face life in a very relaxed manner. u actually have your plans
c) go to the future - u look forward to free life, it's difficult to tie u down, no matter how hard to control u, it's still impossible, only when u are tired 'flying', u will only come back.
d) migrate to outer space - u believe in promises, u are abit unsatisfied in life, but u will look for solutions to solve the problems, u are suited for marriage life.

9:09 AM 12/5/2002
Test whether you are someone who remembers 'hatred' in your heart..
There are many kinda patterms of fire crackers in the sky, which of the below do you like most?
a) fountain like - u are more cool, dun put anything on heart, dun like to spoil the relationships, people ask u dun believe others so easily but u cant, so good luck loh.. =)
b) round cone-shaped - u hope to draw a clear line, u hate to befriend people who are very fake and practical.
c) small clouds of flower - u are too honest, u are used to it, even if people take advantage of u, u take it silently, but you will have helpful people to help u.
d) little starts filled up the sky - u remember all in your heart, u silently observe people's mistakes and one day accumulate to all. after some time, u see them again, u still have some hard feelings..

9:10 AM 12/9/2002
Test how do you treat your lover; your attitude?
If you are an idiot in exercise, what kinda exercise do you like?
a) fighting type - u are not very satisfied in life, u do not allow yourself to become a loser in love, u wana be in control in love.
b) ball-games - in love, u are over-possesive, u take a step back in order to take another step. u want to be together all 24hrs, and u can allow him to control u
c) running - u fall in love to get married, u can accept long relationships, u magnify all his actions as a standard
d) swimming - love is a necessity in life, everything he/she does is perfect in your eyes, her words are like commands

9:10 AM 12/10/2002
Test are you interested in S M?
Economy is down, currency value also drops, you often being made used by the bozz to do alot of things, how do you vent your fustrations?
a) Go KTV - quite naive, u start to try SM becoz other people introduces to u, then once u started it, normal 'activities' cant satisfy u anymore.
b) Talk to your frenz - u are very innocent by heart, u do not like to be the unfair party. even if u try it, u juz wana satisfy your partner. but u cant stand it for long time.
c) Get bored at home alone - u like it very much, u wana be the one who controls.
d) Go down to pubs to enjoy - u socialize very well, but on bed it's the opposite of you in life, u turn weak when u meet someone stronger than u.

9:09 AM 12/11/2002
Test how your relations with your family
In your dreams, you enter a house, you see a plate of fruits on the table, what type of fruits do u wish it is?
a) apples - quite polite to each other, and cant really confide in each other. in other's eyes, u are quite far, but used to it le.
b) bananas - often have arguments. soon u get used to it and end up you dun even bother to voice your own views.
c) tomatoes - very close relations, end up too close, u neglect your frenz becoz u spent all the time with your family.
d) strawberries - very close relations with family, but there is still some privacy and breathing space for each of you. people are very envious of u.

9:11 AM 12/12/2002
Test whether you are suited for each other
Which part of the day is your favourite?
a) 12am-6am - u like to fall in love, but ur own hobbies are also as strong as wanting to fall in love. hence your desire is scattered. 30%
2) 6am-12noon - u are calm and considerate, steadfast love type. even those who break up, they wun regret being with u 50%
3) 12noon-6pm - love is the main point of your love. but those who breakup wif u,cant stand u being too wild in love. 80%
4) 6pm-12am - love is only a small necessity in life. but u will not go crazy for love. u du ngo for dramatic love, e.g. standing outside the doorstep waiting for u. u prefer to go for more sensible love. 10%

9:09 AM 13/12/2002
Test whether you want love or bread??
God has set it 7days per week, but now he allows you to have an additional day. Which day do you wish to add?
a) monday - u will choose the usual monday blues. your other half will often grumble, becoz u choose bread
b) tue/wed - when u have lover, u will think love is impt, work put aside. but once u fall out of love, u jump into work totally.
c) thur/fri - falling in love is very nice. u hope love and bread can be equally impt.
d) sat/sun - u do not like work, u think bread is juz for survival. but u have to realise this. without bread, how can u live for love?
9:15 AM 16/12/2002
Test whether you are a patient person
Which cartoon character do you like?
a) hello kitty - u are warming towards relationships; but not much patience. 40%
b) pikachu - u are not tat easy to get close to. but you have great patience. 90%
c) garfield - not really patient, but u have small intelligence to persuade people into believing u are good. 50%
d) mickey mouse - u have optimistic attitude, though u meet obstacles. u still can strive and even u fail, u still can stand up. 70%
e) snoopy - u only selectively being patient only things you think are worth it then u will strive for it, 60%

9:09 AM 17/12/2002
Test your attitude in life: who loves to form clicks?
During your school days, you have a chance to form a band, which role
a) keyboard - u dun care for benefits with people. u live in your own world; watever people do, u live in a world of ur own
b) electric guitar - u like it, but u do not lilke to be center of attention. but u prefer to be a leader in the dark
c) singer [solo] - u like to form clicks, actually u bothered that whether u can hold your stand for long.
d) drum - u can make people love and hate. clicks form by you can get bigger but it comes to end easily.

9:10 AM 18/12/2002
Test your schemingness
If you are an invisible man, nobody will know wat u does.
a) steal some expensive things - u have a big heart, do not wish to give up fame or status. u need to create a good environment for yourself and not being too proud of yourself. else your superior will not let you have your way.
b) get close to someone you like - u are abit greedy, but juz within limited areas. even u think u are treated unfairly, u will 'REN' u think being patient, can bring u success
c) create destructions/do perverted bad things - u create a big fuss knowing you are losing. but u know how to look at people's face whether you shld create the fuss to protect yourself.
d) make fun of people - on the surface, u are someone who is outside of the messes, coz u dislike such people relations disputes..if u wana be promoted, u will have to wait till your superior notices your presence!